Ren Blake

Graduate of software engineering from Flatiron School. Shifted gears in my career from program management and customer success of 10 years to focus on the aspects of my previous roles that I really loved and excelled at. I enjoy digging into innovation and automation and examining how a process can be improved for the end user. Transitioning to engineering I can really dive deeper into that to build even larger impact solutions. I’m also excited to continue to build on my skills in project and team management.

I have also started and lead an LGBTQ+ ERG and worked closely with the DEI managers and team. I'm excited to continue to due my part to support underrepresented groups in future roles.


Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, React, CSS, Python, Flask, SQL

Program & Project Management, Team Management & Training, Public Speaking

Tools: Salesforce, Asana, Pendo, Zapier, Render, Zendesk

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