Gaggle, July 2023
GitHub Repository; Live Site

On Gaggle you and your friends can plan and organize your next trip. No longer do you have to have one friend meticulously managing a google sheet that nobody really references. Now you can see everyone who will be on the trip with you, their travel itinerary, and share a group task list to make sure that you're prepared to take off.

Full-Stack capstone project using JS, React, CSS, MUI, RESTful API, Python, Flask, sqlite , PostgresSQL, Google SSL, and deployed via

Plan your next group trip with Gaggle!

Python CLI-Adventure, June 2023
GitHub Repository

An in terminal text-based adventure game to help you learn GitHub commands. Brush up on your Git while also navigating a maze of mysteries and dangers.

Group project using Python, Flask, SQL, Click, and AI used for story dialog.

Haiku Heaven, June 2023
GitHub Repository; Live Site

👋 hai there! Haiku Haven is a social network where you can effortlessly compose and share your haikus with fellow wordsmiths. Like and comment on your favorite poems or check all of a users' poems on their profile page.

Team Project using JS, React, CSS, MUI, Python, Flask, sqlite, PostgresSQL, and deployed via

Share your haikus with Haiku Haven!

Flatiron Games, May 2023
GitHub Repository

Flatiron Games video game database tool that allows you to find and rate games from a catalog of over 60k+ titles.

Created using HTML, Javascript, React, CSS, and an API for the raw catalog.

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